Dr. Khouloud Al-Khatib

By March 15, 2017

Dr. Khouloud Al-Khatib is a lawyer, human rights defender, and university associate professor from Beirut, Lebanon. In addition to teaching international and humanitarian laws at the Lebanese University School of Law in Beirut, Dr. Al-Khatib provided trainings on trial observation mechanisms and human rights protective mechanism to human rights defenders and lawyers from the MENA region. She is co-founder and the president of the Lebanese Organization for Unity and Defending Equal Rights (LOUDER) and currently the executive director of the Human Rights Center at the Lebanese International University. Dr. Al-Khatib holds a PhD degree in International Law with emphasis on human rights from the Lebanese University She also holds two masters’ degrees in Private and Public laws from the Saggesse University and the Lebanese University. Al-Khatib is a member of Lebanese Bar Association and a member of the Beirut Commission of Basic Freedoms and Human Rights.